FreshWomen - Season 1

FreshWomen - Season 1 Game

FreshWomen - Season 1
  • Developer: Oppai-Man
  • Genre: Adventure, Indie
  • Version: 0.5.121
User Rating: Rating 4.32

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Adventure, Indie
Windows PC


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Have Fun With FreshWomen - Season 1 Visual Novel

Jayden Flores

In the FreshWomen visual novel by Oppai-Man, you play a young person who has just started college. You're new to campus life and are eager to make friends and have fun. However, you quickly realize that college isn't all it's cracked up. You begin to feel homesick and alone.

Thankfully, you meet a group of girls who are in same boat as you. They're all struggling to adjust to college life and are looking for ways to make best of it. Together, you all help each other out and learn what it takes to succeed in college.


It is heavily reliant on its graphics to tell its story. FreshWomen downloaded for free, is set in bright and colorful world. The graphics are very stylized and have a cartoonish look to them. The visual novel is narrated through use of static images and text boxes. The player is occasionally given opportunity to make choices that affect course of story. The artwork in FreshWomen - Season 1 is very detailed and characters are expressive. The backgrounds are also well-drawn and contribute to game's overall aesthetic. The game's graphics are one of its strong points. They are integral to experience of playing FreshWomen - Season 1 and help to create unique and visually engaging world.


You take on role of a teenager who has recently entered college. You're a new student, and you want to meet people and have good time. College isn't all that it's cracked up to be, though, as you rapidly discover. You start to feel lonely and homesick. Thank goodness you run into bunch of girls who are in same situation as you. They are all having trouble adjusting to college life and trying to figure out how to enjoy it to fullest. Together, you all support one another and discover what it takes to be successful in college.

For all, FreshWomen for free download is great way to experience college life without actually having to go through it yourself. It's a fun and heartwarming story that will leave you feeling inspired.


Replayability is one of key factors that make visual novels so addicting. You can never get enough of story, characters, or artwork. FreshWomen - Season 1 download by Oppai-Man is no exception. This novel follows story of young woman who just started college. She's excited to start her FreshWomen year, but she's also bit nervous. She'll have to make new friends, face new challenges, and maybe even find love.

It is perfect example of visual novel that is highly replayable. With multiple paths to take and multiple endings to see, you'll never get bored of this novel. The stunning artwork and captivating storyline will keep you coming back.


  • What is FreshWomen APK download novel?
    It is a free visual novel about a group of girlfriends in college who are trying to find themselves and figure out their future.
  • Who is the main character?
    The main character is you! You get to choose your own name and personality, and you determine how story unfolds.
  • What are the other characters like?
    There are six other main characters, all of whom are unique and have their own backstories and personalities. You'll get to know them all throughout course of game.
  • What can I expect from the game?
    It is a slice-of-life visual novel, so expect lot of dialogue and choices that affect outcome of story if you download FreshWomen full-game novel. There are also several romantic options available, so choose wisely!
  • How long is the game?
    It is fairly lengthy visual novel, and it will take most players several hours to reach the end. There are multiple endings, so you may want to play through more than once to see all different outcomes.


Overall, it is fun and addictive game that allows players to interact with real women from all over world. It is easy to understand and play, and it has high replay value. However, FreshWomen game download is mainly geared towards straight women, and it lacks some of features of other social networking games.


  • It is easy to play and understand;
  • Graphics of FreshWomen - Season 1 free are sharp and colorful;
  • Game has a high replay value.


  • The game is mostly geared towards straight women;
  • Some features of other social networking games are missing from it.

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